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They today

Joanna (Sobkocha) and Daniel (Dex). We live in Poznan since birth, but in fact since childhood we were running away from the city towards forests, meadows and mountains. Initially each of us did it on his way, until the day where luck brought us together on the beautiful natural setting.

This time our flying away was inspired by book named ‘My boy, motorcycle and me. From Druskininkai to Shanghai 1934-1936′ written by Halina Korolec-Bujakowska, edited by Łukasz Wierzbicki. During reading a lot of coincidents was found which afflated to repeat the same expedition, which are:

-in August 2014 80 anniversary of Halina and Stanislaw’s trip passes – it’s time to celebrate it

- it is still substantial challenge – over 20 000km through south Asian countries

-  nobody repeat this trail so far, and as we can infer during reading travel guide written by Stanilaw, they were looking for successors

- emotionally and sentimentally we are at the same point as the Authors were back in a days

- just as they did, we are looking for escape from the noise and the crowds of the city




niemry SONY DSC

DPP_0221 DPP_0220

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